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POTENTIAL SPOILERS IN COMMENTSThis is the defective turret you save for the No Hard Feelings achievement. It's adorable. And also happens to be very relate.. I'm different...Oracle Turret The Oracle Turret,[1] commonly referred to as the Different Turret, is a malfunctioning but a more self-aware Aperture Science Sentry Turret briefly visited then saved by Chell in the single-player campaign of Portal 2. Once the Turret is saved from the 'redemption' (incineration) line, players will gain the achievement; 'No Hard Feelings'. 1 Overview 2 Quotes and.

I'm different. Click to listen — Oracle Turret The Oracle Turret is a friendly Sentry Turret that is encountered twice in Portal 2. Although the Oracle Turret is never named in-game, the name was revealed in an interview with Valve writers. Like GLaDOS and the standard Sentry Turrets,. Near the beginning of Chapter 5, this little guy lays down some serious truth for no apparent reason. Why does it mention Caroline, birds, and answers being. Turret: I'm different... Please make sure you own these games if you are going to listen to their content Thank you Valve for the honorable mention as Best Turret Story on the The National and Valve/Portal 2 contest results page. Thank you commenters and liker..

I'm different turret = {SPOILERS} I believe that the turret is [Cave Johnson] The turret says a few things to help me think that like, [Get Mad] Plus if you watch the seen you can hear the replace the voice in your head and I feel that it makes more sense For Portal 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled The I'M DIFFERENT turret is -- - Page 2 Use i'm different (oracle turret) and thousands of other assets to build an immersive experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality Defective turret voice line, You can't fire me I quit!, it's a reference from 1969-film, Hello, Dolly! when the characters on the movie said the same line. v • d •

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The turret that you have to save for the No Hard Feelings achievement, that one that says I'm different, will actually tell you some future plot revelations if you carry it around for awhile. The first thing it said to me was, Don't make lemonade, get mad We never know if Cave really dies and maybe he did tried to get himself in a machine before dying but because it wasen't perfect he might have loosed a couple of line. The quotes of the turret and the pre-recorded mesages does have similar aspects. The turret even knows that her name's Caroline. I think it more than possible but what do you think 54 votes, 19 comments. 93.6k members in the Portal community. Welcome to Aperture Laboratories. The subreddit for Portal and Portal 2 The Oracle Turret is an item added by the Portal Gun mod. Each time you place a Sentry Turret on the ground it has a chance of instantly becoming an Oracle Turret. The main difference is that when you place a Sentry Turret down that becomes an Oracle Turret, it will emote I'm different. and be placed facing towards the player, rather than away from the player like the Sentry Turrets do

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Buy Portal I'm Different Turret T-Shirt and other T-Shirts at Amazon.com. Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns I'm Different. By @TiffanyElectricity. Earn this Badge in: Portal Roleplay. Saving A Turret Isn't An Easy Task. Type. Badge. Updated. Dec. 12, 2018. Description. Saving A Turret Isn't An Easy Task. Read More. Read More. Report Item Close. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play.. Another type of defective Turret. These are not to be confused with the Oracle turret, which is fully assembled but says different lines in a different voice, and does not attack, nor will it attempt to attack.; If the player grabs one before moving the template turret and switches them instantaneously, the template turret exploding will cause the defective turret to become slightly misaligned Another one is on the other side of the map. On the Airstrip , there is a turret near the Team Deathmatch spawn for the Villains mounted high. Parallel, and far on the other side of the map, is another turret that is not available for use until a bomb hits the communications array above, in which case it falls over and allows players to climb it and reach the turret TheDifferent AreyouStillthere Turret is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with TheDifferent AreyouStillthere Turret and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the..

I'm trying to set up a simple AI with multiple Turret behaviours on one object. But the behaviours don't seem to make a difference about what target type gets i.. Turret delivers 2MP live monitoring, it supports the latest H.265 compression which can save up to 50% bandwidth and storage. With IP67 certified, the camera can be used outdoors under different weather conditions.Wit

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Portal I'm Different Turret T-Shirt at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Different Turret (portal 2). 448 likes. IM DIFFERENT!!!

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View the profiles of people named I'm Turret. Join Facebook to connect with I'm Turret and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share.. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Literature. Submit your writin I'm Different may refer to: I'm Different (2 Chainz song), a song by American rapper 2 Chainz. I'm Different (Hi Suhyun song), a song by South Korean duo Hi Suhyun. The oracle turret from the game portal 2 ,a peaceful turret that says this line and expects you to save it from being incinerated. Topics referred to by the same term

I'm not sure why the robotic turrets should be any different since they're the top tier in the intelligence skill tree. I do understand your irritation and frustration about it though. The game almost always seems to know what I'm looking for and gives me everything except that book or schematic An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work Cheap T-Shirts, Buy Quality Men's Clothing Directly from China Suppliers:Portal Turret I'm Different GlaDOS Dapper Video Game Inspired T Shirt S 2XL 2019 fashion t shirt, 100% cotton tee shirt Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return

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Says all the lines from Portal 2!! Special thanks to Dr.matt for debugging the code and made sure that it worked with the current version of gmod! UPDATE: after speaking with Dr.Matt, I have found out that you will need his base core mod installed for this to work Buy I'm Different! by SaveTheTurret as a Mask. A Turret from Portal and Portal 2, surrounded by roses. Original art by _elsketches Cheap T-Shirts, Buy Quality Men's Clothing Directly from China Suppliers:Portal Turret I'm Different GlaDOS Dapper Video Game Inspired T Shirt S 2XL 2020 fashion t shirt, 100% cotton tee shirt Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Please exit the turret redemption line.[Chell comes upon a working turret aiming its laser out]Oracle Turret: I'm different![Chell picks the turret up]Oracle Turret: Thank you.[pause]Oracle Turret: Get mad![pause]Oracle Turret: Don't make lemonade![pause]Oracle Turret: Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man

Turret Portal 2 I M Different PTL003: Notebook Planner - 6x9 inch Daily Planner Journal, To Do List Notebook, Daily Organizer, 114 Pages : SPECIALE, LORI: Amazon.sg: Book If you look at the chin areas of an M-60A1 and a M-60A3, can you really see a difference? (I can't!). I thought they had the same turret. Maybe this was an internal strengthening? Looking at all the kit turrets (Tamiya M-60A1/A3 and Esci A1/A3) they are all the same in this area, externally anyway. Cheers, Ji Different Turret (portal 2). 좋아하는 사람 445명. IM DIFFERENT!!!

A Portal 2 Soundboard containing all in-game quotes and dialog The first is the Oracle Turret, an easter egg of sorts in Portal 2, which is a malfunctioning turret on a conveyor belt that says I'm different in a normal turret voice. If picked up, it says Thank you, followed by many cryptic phrases which are actually allusions to later parts of the game, including the revelation that Caroline is the core of GLaDOS

I'm different... 「私は違う」 27 Aug 202 I'm currently using my joystick but using mouse for targeting for turret would make it easier I believe. I mean assuming we can set it like that. And also turning my srv right left is sometimes difficult. I am not native in english so I couldn't figure out the key bindings in the game. I'll appreciate the help Hi Ron, Airfix actually includes 3 different turret front faces, and matching mantlet parts, although I'm not sure if more than one is referenced in the instructions, I'm just finishing work, so I'll try to post pics of the parts later when I get home Notebook: Turret Portal 2 I'm Different - PTL003 notebook 100 pages 6x9 inch by David Trezor : Trezor, David: Amazon.sg: Book

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  2. I got my scope and called leupold. My plan was to get M1 turrets installed if they end up still offering that when the custom shop reopens. I can still get the s1 dial as a backup plan. The scope came with the cds dial on it. I don't want to go the custom load route with a dial so I can use my turret for different loads at times
  3. Kinda new to this game and I'm wondering what are some good ship parts to look out for. Here's my current ship. S.S Friendship. - Intrepid Corbin's Wall - Shield Generator ThermoCore Reactor - Reactor Ludicrous Range Jump Module - Jump Module C.C.G Hull - Military Grade - Hull Lightning Turret & Burst Turret - Turrets Straight Shot & W.D Special - Missle Silo And Various Programs and Stuff
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  5. Spare track stowage is different on the J compared to the H. The big air filter common on the right hull side of the H is not on the J. The filler cap box on the engine deck is squared off on the J and slope-sided on the H. The J did not have vision ports on the turret doors, nor on the sides of the driver's compartment

Germany Prototype M 48 with turret Leopard 2. Even when Leopard 1 was just getting into service, the German military was keen to produce an improved tank in the next decade. This resulted in the beginning of the development of the MBT-70 in cooperation with the United States from 1963 Portal 2 Oracle Turret - I'm Different! Durata del video: 1:10. Video caricato da: Max Shen. La Data di pubblicazione del video: 10 years ago. Visualizzazioni del video: 442270. Mi piace su un Video: 0. Non mi piace su un video: I'm now realizing that I want a second part that has an identical initial setup, but then with different cuts etc. In hindsight I could have created a base part with the shared features, and then created derived parts from there. but since I've already created the part (and have various mates, etc) I would like to avoid re-doing all of my work Renault records make no distinction between 1917 and 1918 output; the decision to arm FTs with a 37mm gun was made in April 1917, before any tanks had been manufactured; because of various production difficulties and design requirements, a range of turret types were produced by several manufacturers, but they were all fitted to the basic FT body without any distinguishing reference; all FTs.

The achievement, 'No Hard Feelings,' is earned by saving the Oracle Turret from the redemption conveyor belt leading to an incinerator (this turret will catch your attention by calling out, I'm different). If you do so, the turret will thank you and speaks several cryptic phrases, among them quoting Cave Johnson's 'Don't make lemonade' speech. 1 Involvement 2 Various Versions 3 Strategy 4 Item Drops 5 Gallery All Acts Can be found in all Acts and Zones. Mainly inside boxes and crates. All Acts (Heroic) Turretmaster: Some elites can summon Turrerts Level?? A.I.M. Turret This mob uses a gun to attack in long range. Dose not move A.I.M. Turret Even a low level hero can take it ou The Russians and the Germans used a very different system, where there were no separate barbettes, and the guns were protected by the ship's citadel. This can be seen on the Russian Ekaterina II class and the German Sachsen class.This obviously does not have the same topweight benefit of lowering the citadel, although it does eliminate the turret armor itself A gun turret (or simply turret) is a mounting platform from which weapons can be fired that affords protection, visibility and ability to turn and aim. A modern gun turret is generally a rotatable weapon mount that houses the crew or mechanism of a projectile-firing weapon and at the same time lets the weapon be aimed and fired in some degree of azimuth and elevation (cone of fire)

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This plush turret sounds exactly the same as the ones in-game. The only line that is missing is, I'm different. It comes with a sensor that detects motion. Once detected, it plays a random line from Portal 2. It's supposed to play a different set of lines when you knock it over. However, I had to knock it down a few times in order for it play. Even turrets have a sense of identity. Color print, 8.5x11, available both bordered and full-bleed. - Online Store Powered by Storenv Turrets are the weapon of the tank, mounted on top of the hull.Along with hulls and paints, they complete the full tank.As of 2019, there are 14 different turrets, which each has an XT version.. Turrets have their own properties: rate of fire, damage per shot, max range, and so on. Each turret has special abilities- some are unique- which define the way the turret works I'm different! With the Redemption Line bringing her slowly to her death, the little turret takes the time to reflect on her time working at Aperture, and her relationship with a certain Caroline. Oneshot, no shipping. R&R Wrong turret, both in type that they tried to represent, and wrong shape on the one they include. If Tamiya was trying to represent the earlier turret actually used on NVA T-72's, its even worse than if they just represented the wrong type of turret. Their turret is far different than the early T-72 turrets

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Through BT Trading, we offer a full range of options to suit different users across the trading floor: FlexGo - a lightweight mobile turret application for Android phones and tablets. An Apple iOS version is coming soon. A contact request has been sent, a specialist will be in touch via email soon Always happy to have a look at something different in his modelling - Andy gives us his review of his new kit of the IBG Models 35 th scale, the KTO Rosomak with OSS-M Turret. This is an unusual vehicle & Andy gets to examining what is in the box before he gets to building it. Let's see what's in front of him.. Hi there! My intention is not to highjack this thread but I'm in the same situation with my PC Turn 50 tool turret. So far I've almost managed to make my tool turret work using the carousel component and stock hardware. The problem I'm facing now is that the turret rotates forward until it's triggered by the strobe/pulse (pocket sensor) before it rotates back into locking position This is especially true for high-current power transformers such as generator step-up units. This research presents calculated and measured results of the influence of different bushing turret-tank connection types on the induced eddy current values. The simulation results were obtained using the finite element method based software Emco PC Turn Turret was created by evengravy. Hey, I'm currently re-rebuilding an EMCO PC Turn 55 that was gifted to me some years back. About 5 years ago I did a basic retrofit with linuxcnc and a chinese BOB and managed to get the thing working, after that it was in storage at my work for the remainder of the time and I've just now taken it.

By our estimates this makes the Turret around 40% cheaper than the most basic Lapdog configuration. The Turret is a complete package comprising of a keyboard with mouse pad along with a small. Sherry Holetzky. Turrets are interesting items. They can serve different functions, but may also be used as an element of style. The two different kinds of turrets that most people are familiar with are the architectural turret and the mechanical turret.. Architectural turrets -- often small towers with conical roofs -- were commonly used on castle grounds in medieval times Sorry for my bad English, I'm using google translator, I hope you understand what I'm talking about (( This idea is taken from the game ARK: Survival Evolved. There, in addition to the turrets themselves, defensive structures have a blocking radius, for example, foundations blocks that prevent enemies from placing their turrets too close until the enemy destroys these foundations The M3 Lee, officially Medium Tank, M3, was an American medium tank used during World War II.The turret was produced in two forms, one for US needs and one modified to British requirements to place the radio next to the commander. In British service, the tank was called by two names: tanks employing US pattern turrets were called Lee, named after Confederate general Robert E. Lee while those. This article details different types of turrets. For information about turret mechanics, including damage and hit chance, see Turret mechanics.. Turrets are the most common weapon system in EVE. They apply damage instantly, use ammunition or charges, and their effectiveness is partially determined by the traversal speed of the firing ship and its target

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The turret sometimes gets hung up, and the blast shields, turret depression, and cable control are all missing, along with other needed work. Next up is a very different sort of Big Gun setup. This example is from SMS Prinz Eugen, a Viribus Unitis class battleship. It uses a very similar basic hardware setup, but the user interface is very. Pixelcraft. A new way to play Mindustry. A mod that allows you to play with a different main resource, leaving copper and lead in the dust. Abandoned units and newcomers arise, adding 6 new types of units to play with. Based on Mindustry classic, it introduces a new tech tree, several new sectors to a a new planet, 7 different types of turrets and much much more..

Overview. The Defective Turret is a character featured in Portal 2.. The turret itself has a unique look and personality far different than the regular turrets encountered throughout the game. It has a very boisterous, talky, self-aware personality as opposed to the monotone, largely docile non-defective turrets RightPlayer has 3 tags for 3 different enemy types. So a total of 6 tags, 3 for each Player. Currently I'm using the FindClosestTarget method from Udemy's RealmRush course, which works almost right, but sadly both side's turrets target all 6 enemy types. That is why I'm trying to find a solution that uses tags M-84D - modern upgrade of the M-84A4 with technology developed for M-95 Degman. M-95 Degman - 3rd generation tank based on the Yugoslav M-91 Vihor prototype. M-84A4 -The M-84 is a Yugoslav third generation main battle tank, a variant of the Soviet T-72, produced in Croatian Đuro Đaković specijalna vozila I'm going to make a 39 hunter twink who specializes in Flag Defense on AB and WSG. My plan will be to set up a frozen ground trap, near the flag, and on the of it set up the flame turret, and a dense healing statue, while My pet, My battle chicken and myself wail on anything that goes near the flag I'm trying to make the top of a stationary turret turn in a 2D Platformer by using LookAt but instead of aiming the turret at the character, it aims the top of the turret at him. I want it to move smoothly as well but meanstreak's code isn't working. My turret just turns all over the place

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The Master of the Brave. Chapter 106 - Conversations (I) AN: This scene takes place at Duke Mavis' residence in the Imperial City at the same time Wynn and the others were at Count Elstead's Residence. Stacia! What on earth is going on here? with a stern tone of voice that still maintained his dignity despite being flanked on both sides by armed knights, Lektor, the head of House. I'm currently working on a Defiant's Boulton Paul type A turret in 1/6th scale, and also helping a mate with CAD Drawings for a 1930's Bonzo racing aircraft, as well as my Wellington; so I've a lot on my plate. Drawing the FN20 would be a major project as it's a completely different turret to the FN5 Website is Under Construction Never Stop Learning Hey I'm Alex Hello, I'm Alexander Stusse, Born in September 1989 in Germany, Aschaffenburg. My Friends call me Mütze which means in English Hat/Cap/Beanie because I'm always wearing a Beanie.Since my young Days I'm fascinated by Technology especial everything around Personal Computers.I've learned many different Jobs until are four major steps in creating a quality turret board: 1. Make a Template of the Circuit Layout 2. Transfer the Template to the Board 3. Create the Turret Holes in the Board 4. Install the Turrets into the Board Depending on the tools available to you, there are various ways you can choose to complete each of the above steps Color on graphics are reasonably close to the pictures shown in this ad but may very slightly in tone as the pictures are for demonstration purposes only. MAN T-SHIRT SIZE CHART. WOMAN T-SHIRT SIZE CHART

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