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  1. Solution 1: Fix iPhone error 4013 or iTunes error 4013 without losing data; Solution 2: Fix iTunes error 4013 by checking USB port & connector; Solution 3: Fix iTunes error 4013 by updating iTunes; Solution 4: Fix iPhone error 4013 by resetting all settings; Solution 5: Fix iPhone error 4013 or iTunes error 4013 by clearing up space; Solution 6: Fix iPhone error 4013 or iTunes 3014 via factory rese
  2. Do you have any iPhone with this error? we can fix it follows on.! Step bu step...! -First step remove the HDD - Clean all the black glue in both area board.
  3. iTunes Error 4013 is very common Problem. This error arises because of NAND Chip is corrupted, Faulty or Communication issue with CPU.The practical solution.
  4. Error 4013 has many possibilities. You need latest itunes, good cables, USB, Battery, screen
  5. Force start your iPhone: Press and hold Home and Power button simultaneously until your see the Apple logo. As soon as it's visible, let go of both buttons. Your device will power up on it's own
  6. If you're having the error 4013 while restoring your device using iTunes, you should try restoring your iPhone/iPad without iTunes, using dr.fone instead. Download and install dr.fone in your computer. Launch dr.fone and click Backup & Restore. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the restore with a few clicks only

19.9k members in the mobilerepair community. MBL.REPAIR | Mobile Device Repair Whether you are a hobbyist or a tech sitting in the shop. This sub To fix iPhone Error 4013, you need to boot your iPhone by entering DFU Mode. The process for this is quite simple: Press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. After 10 seconds, release the Power button but not the Home button Error 4013 in iPhone 6 is most often corrupted NAND flash memory chip. This is a difficult repair but it is possible to find a local microsolderer who can desolder your NAND and reformat it then desolder it to your board. This will result in loss of your data. Your other option is to go to Apple for $299 out of warranty replacement of the device Finally, if iPhone error 4013 is a result of your iPhone's resources reaching almost maximum usage, you might want to try closing your background apps. After you open an app, unless you close it using this method, it will continue running in the background forever Iphone X Bootloop Error 3014 / 4013 Solution - YouTube

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Got iPhone 6 with error 4013 on restore. Went straight for the NAND. During recording I didn't notice Bad sector messages in the software. This is IP Box. Fix iTunes error 4013/4014 by rebooting your iPhone. When you see this error, just disconnect your device, and try force restarting your iPhone 6/6s/7. Press and hold the Home button and sleep/wake button at once for about ten seconds. On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, press and hold the volume down button and sleep/wake at once Good luck Tony. I too am also experiencing the Apple logo boot loop problem and have also been told I need the IC chip replaced. It's a costly repair. If you could please let me know the exact name/type of chip you are using a new repair and I will purchase my own and take it to the store for repair

1st sorry for saying switing instead sweating ํ ฝํธ… This video show you how to fix iPhone if you get error 4013 when you restore with iTunes. This video show iP.. 5. Detect iPhone battery This is the first step for fix iPhone by hardware solution. Sometimes, iPhone battery issues can cause iPhone keeps rebooting. Use iPhone battery tester to test it, if iPhone got some problem, you can replace the new battery. After tested, the battery is fine. So, we have to move on. 6. Fix iPhone motherboar hello, i got an iphone 6 that his screen was cracked but phone was fully working, some one tried to replace the screen and since than phone won't boot..

I've tried restoring this iPhone so many times howether it's just not having it, even with the new battery! It would get to finishing the extraction of Apples iOS7 and moments after the logo shows up, it goe's off and then the battery sign appears (red) and decides to put itself into SYNC mode again One of the common iPhone 6 system faults is the Error 4013. In most cases, the error occurs when user

First, press power button to power on, the phone gets stuck with iTunes Recovery Mode and has no access to the system. Next, connect it with computer and restore via iTunes, error 4013 appears during the restoring process. The phone restarts afterward I'm using this phone for learning purposes currently so it's not a waste of time for me, but I'd say it's a waste of time for anyone else based on the cost of repair you'd have to spend for someone to fix it doing board level repairs considering you can pick up a used iPhone 6 for like 200ish bucks these days If you wish to fix the error, rely on the experts of the iPhone Repair Dubai associated with UAE Technician. Apart from this, you can follow these pocket-friendly techniques to get rid of the hassle. Apple Logo Stuck ๏ธiPhone 6 Error 4013 fix. iPhone XS charging problem 100% solutio iphone repair Auckland Once completed, the phone restarts automatically, fault cleared. (Warm tips: get the phone full assembled after confirmation of fault clearance.

iPhone 6 U2 repair. $99.99. iPhone 6 U2 repair. If you have one of following issues, this repair is for you: - Not charging, not recognizing connected cable, fake charging where it will show connected cable but wont charge. - Fast draining battery, even with brand new one IPhone 6 Plus No Camera Read & Front Resolved [emoji3581] iPhone 7 Intel No Voice & No Service after repair Audio Resolved [emoji3514] iPad 7th Gen A2198 wifi issue after hardware bypass. iPhone 6 Plus No Service But IMEI present Resolved [emoji3514] IPhone 6 No Service But IMEI present Resolved [emoji3514] help identify element iPad Pro A1876 I attempted a battery replacement on my daughter's iPhone 4. After a bettery remove and replace (not the R&R we all hope for!) her phone did similar things as yours. Check the connector on the main board your battery plugs into. Be really careful when you do this and don't remove the battery again if you don't need to

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  1. I looked up on Google and appereantly I need to do some soldering? Is there any other way cuz I don't have any soldering tools lo
  2. Hello all, I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max phone which I've been using for 10 months. 2days ago I was scrolling thru Facebook when it automatically switched off. I tried to switch it on but there was an apple logo sign popping on and off after every 10sec. So I googled and tried to restore it as later it was showing restore sign
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  5. iPhone 7 Master Repair book download free September 11, 2020 In iPhone Free Site for Phone Testing January 12, 2020 In iPhone iPhone 7 & 7 Plus No modem Intel repair solution July 23, 2020 In iPhone
  6. Thanks for the A2A. You fix an iPhone X water damage error 4013 by taking it to an Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service Center and having them repair or replace.

iPhone 6 plus error 4013 iPhone 6 error 4013 and Upgrade 16gb to 64gb iPhone 6 plus Upgrade 16gb to 128gb iPhone 6s wifi ic iPad 4 iCloud.. 1. Power management ic (PMIC) 2. Embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC) 3. CPU (Central processing unit) 4. Audio ic 5. Charging ic 6. Wifi ic 7. Baseband ic 8. Display ic. Please do note that if the pcb board beneath your iphone motherboard is broken or severely water damage, it is very hard to repair for usage anymore Solution>>>Replace battery,test battery ways or reball replace PMIC! Do not wait that i feed you with the tea spoon, the site is full of info, have patience to search and read other peoples topics, because this is a great way to learn from others hi filip seems phone was dropped and was weird problem of audio ic. voice memo was freezing phone. reballed u3101 and made jumper of c12 pin.after tha..

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iOS System Recovery. Fix various iOS system errors like black scree, Apple logo, recovery mode, etc. Fix iTunes errors like 4005, 4014, 4013, etc. Supports all iOS devices like iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8, iPad Pro/Air/mini, etc Solution 5: Re-insert the SIM card. If iPhone no service issue is caused due to improper adjustment of the SIM card, then you can manage the SIM by following the below-mentioned steps one by one. >Open tray with the help of paper clip or SIM ejector. >Take out SIM card

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About. My name is Rafal. I've been repairing Apple products since 2009 and opened a repair shop in 2010. The shop became a brand name in the area for quality repairs. Those were days when business could be sustained with basic repair services like replacing cracked screens, bad batteries or buttons People normally try to use the forced restart to fix an iPhone when it is stuck on the Apple logo. The process breaks the ongoing power cycle on your device. It may fix the iPhone black screen issue for you and it's worth a try. For iPhone 8 and later devices like iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 series, simply press and quickly release the Volume Up key, then do the same on the Volume.

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  1. utes or even hours, only looping the Apple logo then a black screen and the circle is never ended, you just get stuck in a boot loop unfortunately
  2. dr.fone - Repair (iOS) Fix various iOS system issues like iPhone black screen, White Apple logo, etc. without any data loss
  3. A customer sent us an iPhone 6S to repair, the fault described is that the iPhone screen turns black when Apple logo appears after booting, sometimes the iPhone 6S can enter the IOS system. According to the fault description, it seems it's the problems of the iPhone Nand flash, but not sure yet, so we need to flash the iPhone 6S to check where the flash progress bar can go

Phone board free analog ZXW Download New v1.5.1 Windows released. Phone board free analog ZXW Just now, flipping through on the #tag #iphone repair stumbled upon the display of the phone board program , downloaded from the phone board.co site , works Along with out an Internet, is free of cost, I even found it more convenient than the ZXW, the. iPhone 6S Plus nos llega por Error 4013 El dispositivo el usuario lo estaba trabajando y de un momento a otro dejo de funcionar y se reiniciaba.. 4. Please send your gadget to: iPhoneRepairBase. 21 Edmonton Close Kesgrave Ipswich Suffolk IP5 1HE. 5. Once received, you will be contacted and the fixing will start immediately. 6. You will get a confirmation e-mail after we fix your appliance. We always return it with a recorded courier service

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For the last solution (check iPhone logic board), it need professional iPhone repair skill and cell phone repair tools, or you can't do it. If you can't do it, you can send it to Apple or iPhone repair shop Free online mobile cell phone repair training course PFD and iPhone logic board repair training PFD provided by REWA Academy. This free online course will teach you how to diagnose and repair any cell phone or iPhone step by step. Worth to check it Note: These solutions are applicable to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch such as iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus, iPhone 5/5C/5S and other various iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, here are the solutions Note. Make sure you have changed the view options to All Files from the drop-down arrow on the bottom right of the dialogue box Dino's Phone Repair, Davao City. 1,128 likes ยท 5 talking about this ยท 30 were here. We repair iPhone and Android Screen and LCD PROBLEM Disabled IPhone Network Unlock(Android/iOS) Battery..

iPhone X Repairing Services in Adelaide. Launched on September 12 th of 2017, the iPhone X is one magnificent piece of a phone that will blow your mind. It comes with exceptionally engineered hardware that comes along with high performing software running in it. It's definite that you'll love! However, obtaining it is one thing, and keeping it is another altogether All error codes in iTunes|3uTools error 3utools shsh error 3utools 80 3utools error unable to restore idevice(-2) 3utools error unable to restore i

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Apple to replace faulty batteries on some iPhone 6S models; iphone 6 4013 error; Help for ELCOMSOFT PHONE BREAKER EPPB LATEST VERSION; iphone 5c-- after screen replacement -- hangs at calling time; I phone 5s Hang on logo Flash Error,Code (4013) How To Fix; iphone 7 plus icloud After 6 hours in the wall charger while I was working I managed to take a picture and listen to music on the way home before it started cycling again. I tried force restarting but it wasn't working, so I put it into recovery mode by pressing the home and power button and then only the home button This is a hardware issue caused by a corrupt baseband chip in your iphone. But before taking it to an apple store, here's something that you can do: Heat your phone with hairdryer for 5-6 minutes, especially over the baseband (near sim card slot)... Despite being a top-class mobile company, Apple's iPhone faces problems from time to time. Error 4013 is one of the. It occurs especially when you try to restore. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Quickly press and then release the Volume Up button and then follow up by pressing and releasing the Volume Down. Now press and hold the Power button until the screen goes black. When the screen turns on, press and hold the Volume Down button while continuing to press the Power button for 5.

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IPhone 6s strange lcd problem iphone7 + show 1% during charge iphone 6s charges only one side Iphone problem with activation after nand repair IPhone 6s Plus pp_1v8 fluctuating from 1.8v to 0v Apple stop activating changed capasity phones Ipad mini 1st Gen no mic can I use serial nr of iPhone on Ipad (bypass iCloud) iPhone 6 VCC Main shor When iDevice users experience problems with the iOS software or unlocking, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My passion is providing answers to your problems. I help iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users by recommending fixes for common iOS bugs and tools that improves your experience

The main problem is because the battery have a low power. We recommend you to replace with a original battery. Replace the Dock connector - If you used some non-original chargers, your dock connector can be damaged and have a bad communication with the usb cable 4,290,481 people have downloaded it. 1. Download dr.fone- Repair (iOS) First of all, download dr.fone- Repair (iOS) making sure that the version is compatible with your computer. 2. Connect your iOS device to the computer. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPad to your computer using a USB cable. Launch the tool

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For the Iphone 6: The repair was a battery replacement. *I tested before repair functionality, camera, microphone, charge port, siri, cell network, wifi, LCD, Digitizer, Touch ID, 3D touch, speaker all functioning normaly *replaced battery (I know the older models boot loop issue or battery percent issues usually is a result of pry damage Step 3: Disconnect your device from PC or Mac and close iTunes. Step 4: Put your device in recovery mode, press and hold Power and Home button for 10 seconds until the screen is blank and release ONLY the power button. Step 5: Launch iTunes again on your Mac or PC. Step 6: Connect your device to Mac or PC, your device will show the USB cable. 6. After the repair is complete, the phone returns to normal condition. The phone restarts automatically and functions normally. Solution 2. Restoring the iPhone device without inserting the SIM card 1. If there is a SIM card in the phone, remove the same using SIM eject tool. If there is none, then continue to the next step. 2 The Galaxy S10 battery replacement is by far the most or second most common repair asides from screen replacement. This battery is a MUST change after 2 years. Efficient battery life is crucial for the phone health and this can prevent it from suddenly dying and you losing all data. We perform many of these battery repairs a day for Samsung. iPhone 6 bootloop is a common issue as of today. If you own an iPhone 6 and you updated it to iOS 13, you may have already experienced this issue. Aspects of malware infection and imperfect update can be the common causes of this iPhone 6 bootloop issue. In fact, the reboot loop is an annoying issue that can panic an iPhone user significantly

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Recently, one customer send a iphone 6 plus. When after turning on, we find the iphone 6 plus right display screen is black while the left normally displays, which is called Yin and Yang screen. When the right screen turns black, it still shows nothing after awakening it. Then vipprog engineer analysed and repaired. Now I will sort out the guide for you, hoping you can benifit from it Hence, if your iPhone X stuck in recovery mode after update, or your iPhone 8 stuck in recovery mode when you were trying to downgrade from iOS 15 beta, don't miss to try this tool. In most chances you can fix this problem without data loss, and freely put iPhone in Recovery mode and exit The iPhone 6 accidentally dropped into water, after drying the water, the iPhone 6 still won't turn on. We suspect that the iPhone motherboard has been damaged by water, and then the most common problem is the short circuit. Disassemble the iPhone, take off the iPhone motherboard, and then measure it with DC power supply.. When supply power to measure the iPhone motherboard, there is large. After using FoneDog - iOS System Recovery your iOS device is ready to go but it does not just end there. If you have forgotten to backup your data, before using any of our products then please do not worry not because of the FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery has you covered.. All of your data that you may have lost, will be fully restored to exactly how you had it iPhone Battery Replacement Service. Is your iPhone running slower than usual? It may be time for an iPhone battery replacement! Rely on Cell Phone Repair Inverness for fast, affordable battery replacement services for all of the most popular iPhone models including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8

vipfixphone.com, It is on-line China Professional-grade phone repair tools and cell phone repair parts, We offer One-Stop Repair Tool Shop for all your cell phone repair needs, Find professional iphone repair parts and tools. Vipfixphone promises China Brand, Original Warranty, Competitive Price Yishun Repair Centre. This place does their repairs fast and affordable within 30 mins. If this is located nearby to you, you should try this location. WHERE TO FIND THE BEST IPHONE REPAIR SERVICES Our repair shop does not just fix your iPhone. We do a free basic check-up of internal functions like battery life & logicboard efficiency using our specialized machines and electronic microscope at. 03-09-2018, 08:41 AM. Red screen traditionally means data corruption/NAND formatting or communication problem. It is odd that this occurred after a screen replacement--I would look at the board under the microscope to see if there is some pry damage somewhere, or a battery connection problem etc Hello guys. My coworker asked me to take a look at his iPhone 4S which he said just stopped working one day. He said he had the display assembly replaced because he dropped it and the front glass cracked. According to him it was working fine after this for about two weeks. I brought it home and plugged it in to the wall charger and nothing Common iPhone 11 Screen Issues You Should Know About. Here are some of the common issues that you might have to deal with after having the iPhone 11 repair services. โ€ข No display on screen. โ€ข Dead pixel or lines on screen. โ€ข Insensitive touch Jumpy functions and touch of the iPhone 11 or Xs